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How to Defeat the Investigatory Powers Bill in the UK


The House of Lords and the House of Commons in the UK passed have passed the Investigatory Powers Bill. This is a controversial piece of legislation that seeks to change the way authorities in Britain conduct investigations. There is a clear connection between the proposals of this Bill and the privacy needs of individuals. Since many people are concerned about its provisions, here are some of the methods you can use to defeat this bill in the UK.

What is the Investigatory Powers Bill?

The UK government has been agitating to give new powers to the investigating authorities. The argument has been that in the current times, investigating authorities are ill-equipped to deal with new high-tech crimes. Besides, the government has been arguing that it needs to change the law so that it can fight terror-related crimes effectively. The government then introduced some proposed changes in the new bill.

It is worth mentioning that those who support the bill argue that the authorities will use it to collect more evidence and use the evidence to get convictions in the courts of law. The Bill seeks to allow authorities to hack into computer devices when this is necessary for them to collect evidence. The bill also requires companies to keep and provide data about their clients whenever the government asks them to do so.

How will the Bill Affect You?

The Bill will affect you in several ways. In practice, specific recommendations of the bill will change your privacy. Here are several ways to which the provisions of the Investigatory Powers Bill will affect you.

  1. Phone companies and your logs. The new law requires that all phone companies operating in the United Kingdom keep records of the activities of clients for 12 months. Right now, companies keep records for about six months. However, under the new law, companies will not only have to keep records for a year but also be ready to avail them to government authorities.
  2. Hacking devices. The new law gives public bodies the right to hack multiple computers that are in different geographical locations. For government agencies to hack devices, they only need the approval of a judge. The authorities will then have the nod to carry out widespread hackings if necessary. The power to hack computers puts your privacy and data at risk if ever you get under the radar of authorities.
  3. Bugging devices. The new law gives authorities the power to bug devices under the guise of investigating a crime. This provision means that law enforcement agencies can legally bug your device and secretly access your private data, as long as they can say that they are investigating a crime.

How can you defeat the new laws?

You can defeat the new legislation by using a VPN service. In general, a VPN service helps to keep you anonymous when you are online. A VPN uses sophisticated algorithms to encrypt your traffic. It also sends your traffic through highly secure tunnels that other third parties cannot access. Therefore, a VPN is the best solution to defeating the Investigatory Powers Bill. Specifically, you should use Nord VPN for this purpose.

Nord VPN has a reliable server network of 724 servers in 57 countries. Besides, the service uses dual encryption methods to secure your data. Here are some of the ways in which using a VPN in general and Nord VPN in particular can help you defeat the provisions of this new law.

  1. In general, a VPN does not keep your logs. Besides, the new law does not say that authorities can force VPN services to keep records of client data and avail them to the government. Therefore, if you use a VPN service, UK ISPs will not be able to tell your exact location. Moreover, ISPs in the UK will not manage to keep track of your online activities. Therefore, using a VPN will keep your private in the wake of these new laws.
  2. A VPN will encrypt your data and make it difficult for agencies to hack your device or access your data secretly. The new law gives authorities the power to bug and hack devices. For this to happen, the authorities need to know your particular IP address, identity, and even location. However, a VPN will hide all these attributes of your identity. Therefore, if you use a VPN in general and Nord VPN in particular, you can successfully defeat all the provisions of the new Bill.

In conclusion, a VPN is the best solution to the problems that the Investigatory Powers Bill will create. If you use Nord VPN, you will use its double encryption features and secure server network to hide your identity and traffic. This will make it difficult for government agencies to use the provisions of the new Bill to abuse your privacy.

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